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19-Oct-2020 13:42

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Sometimes dating and meeting people can become a difficult experience.People lie to you, cheat on you, play you, and hurt you. Have you trusted and put yourself on the line for someone who turned out to be a player or a married person? You can not only find others that have been similarly victimized, but you can also report the perpetrators of these games to the world and save others from the heartache.For more information about the services and benefits of the new site, feel free to visit their site or watch their Video intro. For further information: Roberto Drelini, CEO, Email The individual filling out this card states to have direct knowledge of this Alleged Cheater, and states they likely live in Quito, , Ecuador. They may also travel to or know people in Texas, (if no city stated then N/A)since it is their Home Town. They may also travel to or know people in Quito, (if no city stated then N/A)since it is their Home Town. Our report cheater service continues its popularity, featured on many TV and online media! On, you can discuss your experience and express yourself!

You can report specific infidelity or simply have a general discussion using our brand new forums.

When your significant other throws this curveball remember they are saying it’s definitely you. At least they think she is and the problem about busting her is that it hurts.

If you believe that, than I have some land for sale you might be interested in… If you read the last article in Season 2, our unwitting subject Sam and his best friend Ralph spent a great deal hiding in the man-cave commiserating over Sam’s cheating wife.

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Sam likes his life, having a nice suburban split level, a corvette and … While the network launched in 2012, the news releases came out after the beta test phase in PRNewswire and other outlets.This page contains the photos uploaded by users of the site.