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Pardon: Considerations include results of mandatory polygraph and psychosexual evaluation. § 846E-10(f)May petition court for full relief after 10 years if not an aggravated offender/violent sexual predator. May petition from relief from bars on employment with child care facility/proximity to facility after 10 years. Pardon for violent and sex crimes available 5 years after completion of sentence. Full relief: Clear and convincing evidence that it is highly probable or reasonably certain the petitioner is not a risk to commit a new violation for any violent crime/sex offense/certain crimes against minors. 40/25/10 year relief: Substantial evidence and more than proof by a preponderance of the evidence that offender is very unlikely to commit a covered offense ever again, and registration will not assist in protecting the safety of the public or any member thereof. Expungement under Idaho Code § 19-2604 is not available for sex offenders. Must present testimony from licensed physician/psychologist about petitioner's chance of success of not committing an act against children. § 692A.101(7).2/5 year relief: Risk assessment must classify offender as a low risk to reoffend.

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For more serious offenses, duty to register relieved only by [state] pardon. Removal from website: Exclusion available from Justice Department for certain less serious offenses. Youthful offenders: Court may consider factors including recommendation of probation officer/prosecutor, testimony of victim/victim's family. Early termination only available upon reversal of conviction. § (3) (registration required "regardless of whether the judgment was set aside under § or a similar procedure in another jurisdiction or was the subject of a pardon or other executive clemency").