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Caroline Cornelia Barnum (1833-1911) was a daughter of Phineas T.

It describes events as the tour passed through Louisville, Ky.; Cincinnati; and Madison. The collection contains research material collected by Barteau for “Thirty Years of the Journey of Indiana’s Women Judges, 1964-1994” published as vol.

She was treasurer of the Indiana Equal Suffrage Association and a member of the Woman’s Franchise League of Indiana. She was married to Hans Duden, a chemist at Kingan and Company (meat packers).

Her later correspondence originated from Logansport, Winimac and Pleasant Grove.

The collection contains family correspondence to and from Baker, primarily during the Spanish-American War.

Martin Levi (Mort) Bantz (1876-1954) and Cornelia Ford Bantz (1863-1948) operated the Senate Saloon at 123 Washington St. Florence Banz, aged about 6, also poses with a bottle of beer.

Also included are love letters exchanged between Marion Harvie and Harry Barnard. The bulk of the collection represents the life activities of John Barner (1810-1892) and David M. Included in the collection are two small series: one of correspondence and diaries relating to Nellie Jones (1858-1905), daughter of David M.

Alice Harvie Duden (1873-1926) attended Philadelphia Dental College (later Temple University School of Dentistry) and practiced dentistry in Concord, N. The collection includes personal correspondence of the Barnard and Duden familes, particularly between Harryand Marion Barnard and Alice Harvie Duden. This collection includes papers of the Barner, Collett and Jones families of Indiana.

At about the same time, we began working with the Indiana Women’s History Archives Inc. The collection includes five diaries written by Libbie M.

Andrews, assistant director of supervised teaching, Indiana University, to Professor Teter in the Physiology Department, requests an excused absence from class for Fenelon to enable her to complete her student teaching at Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis.

The letters, executed with good penmanship, contain the signatures and addresses of the students, all who lived within blocks of the near westside school.

The bulk of the papers (1853-1872) are from suitors, relatives in Wayne County, and relatives and friends serving in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Sarah Bailey, born 1835, lived in Richmond, Wayne County, and married William Gilbert in 1865.

The collection contains letters written by female students to Sergeant Irven Armstrong.

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