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My Granddaughter was nowhere near Corona, Ca, which is actually 400 miles away and in fact never used the gift card in question before it was refused when she tried to use it. Olguin received Victoria Secret said “If you feel your Gift Card was used without your authorization, we recommend contacting your local law enforcement agency to file an investigative report”.I think Victoria Secret is responsible for making this gift card good to Ms. I can’t believe Victoria Secret won’t make good on this card. Newcomb Reply This happened also with me and my daughter in law.While I was recovering from a difficult childbirth in Florida someone maxed out my VS account in different stores around NYC!I have made several calls to their customer service and fraud dept and they have yet to clear my name.

Summer of 2016 will be the last time these items will be sold.Tagged as: victoria's secret complaint desk, Victoria's Secret consumer complaints, victoria's secret customer complaints, victoria’s secret address, victoria’s secret corporate address, victoria’s secret corporate office headquarters, victoria’s secret headquarters, victoria’s secret home office, victoria’s secret main office, victoria’s secret office address, victoria’s secret office email, victoria’s secret office fax, victoria’s secret office phone, victoria’s secret office phone number I reported fraud on my long standing VS account 4 months ago.This account was always in good standing and never ever delinquent.When my Granddaughter, who lives in Northern California, went to use the gift card she was told there was no money left on it which was very embarrassing for her as she was with her girlfriends. Olguin who in turn contacted Victoria Secret in Pleasanton in person. Olguin had saved her receipt and was given the gift card back by my Granddaughter.

A case file was opened, Case #1135679, and yesterday, April 4, 2019, Ms. The gift card was redeemed on 12/27/2018 in store #1345, located in Corona, CA.Sorry to the other party that also went through this. Might have some shady employees as seems they scan a card then pocket and give you an empty one for your purchase. I have been receiving e-mails almost everyday When I go to the unsubscribe it takes me to a survey Same as when I ask for the e-mails to stop.

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