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24-Sep-2019 00:24

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Rape and sexual assault survivors face many decisions in the hours, days, months and years following the assault.

Sexual assault service providers do not make decisions for survivors, but help them think about options and make choices.

grade (ages 14-18) who could benefit from a group setting focused on processing and discussing topics such as: teen dating violence/healthy relationships, migration trauma, family reunification, rape/sexual assault, victims of or witnesses to violence/abuse.

For more information, Contact Julia at 516-478-4649.

“Communication — good eye contact, asking questions, not telling me how to feel, and giving me a choice/knowledge of plans,” is the most important aspect of a relationship for one survivor.

This can manifest in a number of ways, from fear of physical intimacy and trust issues, to flashbacks and body memories, to a highly tuned fight-or-flight response.

While it might be frustrating as a partner, these responses are born out of the way the brain and body protected the survivor during their trauma. Survivors need to let their mind and body re-adjust to safer relationships, which takes time and patience. Resources such as RAINN’s website are a great place to start.

Different types of relaxation and grounding techniques will be presented and demonstrated, and survivors will learn to incorporate these skills, as well as coping skills, on their own. For more information please call our hotline at 516-542-0404.

– All Genders Welcome – 18 and older – on-going group that offers support for secondary survivors of victims of sexual violence.

Types of Group Counseling Sessions Available: – All Genders Welcome – 18 and older – on-going group that offers support for survivors of sexual assault.

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