Soulja boy still dating diamond

27-Dec-2019 20:27

In September of 2011, it was revealed that one of Soulja Boy's songs had some very disrespectful remarks about the U. Note that it is also possible to extend your playtime using Game Cards instead of using a credit card.

Birth Name - De Andre Ramone Way Also Known As - Soulja Boy Born - July 28, 1990 (18 Age) Chicago, lllinois, U. Origin - Atlanta Georgia, USA Genre(s) - Hip Hop Occupation(s) - Rapper Record Producer Years Active - 2004-Present soulja boy has made 1 albem but alot of singles,soulja boy has sold about 1.5 million albums.

These states include Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland and Oklahoma allow pregnant teens or teens who have already had a child to get married without parental consent. If no one is talking, say brb (be right back), wait a few minutes, and then when he asks where you went it will start a new conversation. It's what they call "Gang love" You show love to you're family and that's how they do show love.

In Florida, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, the young couple must have authorization from a court. If he doesn't ask, tell him and ask what he is up to as well. Adding to it Lil Wayne is the son of Birdman, and the two were father and son sharing love.

Edit: Soulja Boy has never went platinum his first LP never sold over a million.

He did sell 3 million copies of his single "CRANK THAT" but other than that nothing else has went platinum.

Soulja Boy’s longtime friend Arab and member of SODMG has called it quits with being apart of the record label.

Although he no longer will be a member, Arab says that his relationship with Soulja Boy is still the same and this change is only due to him wanting to pursue a solo career of his own.

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In other news, former SOGMG member “Q” discusses his ongoing feud with Soulja Boy concerning him supposedly stealing K of Soulja Boy’s money.Keep walkin pass him until he sees u , or bump into and ack like it was by acsident by saying sorry and see what he says.

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