Speed dating conversations

24-Dec-2019 23:32

Most importantly, we see our practice as creative ways of establishing a more equitable cultural field.

Forbes recently published a story on research by Karen Huang, a Ph.

D student at Harvard, that suggests that people who ask questions, particularly follow-up questions, may become better managers, land better jobs, and even win second dates.

Huang designed a study that examined whether asking questions at a first meeting improved the relationship or made no difference.

We seek to challenge dominant discourse by facilitating difficult conversations.

Through building relationships around issues artists face, we hope to foster future collaboration and work toward collective action.

I concluded that the only thing I needed to do was nail the facts and features of my product and ask for the sale.

I didn’t try to connect with the client and as a result the conversation was little more than a one man show: “This is what my product offers and it’s the best on the market, etc.

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This fast-paced activity will energize the room and give people an opportunity maximize the number of colleagues they get to meet during the conference.

In the context of the Common Field Convening with organizers coming together from across the country, we hope CESD can be used as a catalyst for attendees to forge bonds that extend outside the conference.