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Which I hve a lvl 50 Assault Rifle/ Device Hero Blaster and a lvl 21 Robot/Forcefield Mastermind Villian Hey Macklee, what kind of message do you get when you try and install directx?I think I'm going to just buy a new puter.66 Troll mage....runetotem21 orc hunter18 undead rogue twink plus loads of random alts at around level 10guild master of fatal infusion (new raiding guild) whitepanther my mate is kendrin (a 70 pally tank)I've been playing this game since it has been released.

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I got to level 35 on my first char, got SUPER bored and when BC came out, i just got MMOglider and botted up 4 accounts and sold them for a few bucks.Not doing homework or trying to catch up bills yet putting in a good 10hr session are recipes for disaster and Im ashamed that Im glad she was addicted to wow.

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