Therapist dating clients

17-Aug-2020 03:59

But if the counselor lets themselves move over into that developing a romantic or friendship relationship there is a risk of messing up the therapeutic relationship.Every year a certain number of counselors get into romantic or other dual relationship with clients. The client comes in for therapy because of an emotional or mental problem.

The office is a sort of laboratory to try out new ways of being and relating to people and feelings.

So we strive to always see the best in our clients.

It does not help the client much if the therapist lies to you.

To fail acting upon those ethics can mess the counsellor (burn out) or the client up even more!! There are many many reasons why this could be harmful.

One of the biggest reasons is once you are a friend, therapy does not work anymore.It is a short hop from trying to help the client to becoming a predator when counselors forget their need to be a helper and get into a relationship where they are getting one of their romantic needs met.

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