Uk dating site forums

18-Sep-2019 14:02

""I think you would have to search a long way to find a forum for older people which is as good as FPF.""This is still the best Forum for me and I look in every day even if I dont post much.

So thanks very much Hal and co :d""Still the best Forum for over 50s!!

Scammers are engineers who work for foreign million of $ project. Because the system you have now just isn't working. We have admins that are working 24/7 to fight these scammers.

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They like you and then they send you some links to click. The other is that want sex and stuff and they will send you some links. Basically I have been blocked almost 250 or more accounts. It is not an easy battle but, we are doing our best to root the scammers out. Keith Mingle2There are some real users on this site. Please accept our sincerest apology for any trouble or inconvenience we have caused you.

I thought I was going on Mingle2 to find a suitable Man which I thought I did. The man I thought I found turned out to be a Ghanaian scammer who stole photos of an actual US Marine.