Updating certificates

18-Mar-2020 22:09

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If you did not change this value from “True” to “False”, no renewal operation regarding token certificates is needed, this will happen automatically based on triggers explained below.

Default values of ADFS - [see details below for default values]: The Rollover interval is checked by the AD FS service every 720 minutes (12 hours).

The federation server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) server authentication certificates to secure Web services traffic for communication with Web clients or the federation server proxy.

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Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 4.0 is a server role included in Windows Server 2016.If we see the message on the portal on the day this should be informing that the service will stop in 10 days, if federation metadata information is not updated.ADFS default configuration: Default configuration on AD FS regarding Token Signing and Token Decrypting certificates includes an auto-renewal process, [Auto Certificate Rollover].Removing a server from the list of servers for an AD FS farm in Azure AD Connect is a local operation and updates the information for the AD FS farm that Azure AD Connect maintains locally.

Azure AD Connect doesn't modify the configuration on AD FS to reflect the change.The Token-Signing and Token-Decrypting certificates are normally self-signed certificates good for one year, dated from the time the primary AD FS server was installed.