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08-Oct-2019 00:40

They provide my team with great situational awareness in a timely manner, enabling rapid and informed decision making in critical periods.""I was first introduced to EMOPS (Disaster AWARE)...during a HA/DR training in Auckland this year.I've worked with several tools and it is obvious that EMOPS is the only sustainable tool that is available and is openly available." "[I] wanted to pass along that the reports that PDC is generating are succinct and extremely informative.The addition of a couple of our own applications to quickly delineate impacted areas and extract agricultural acreage and population has proved quite valuable.""I wanted [PDC] to know that I used Disaster AWARE during Hurricane Joaquin and it performed admirably.Some further training will be needed for us to use it to its full capabilities.Data that I thought I'd spend a good part of the morning digging for was available, as were the tools to draw polygons and annotate and meet the requirement." "I work for the Virginia DOT as an emergency planner.I would like to be added to your distribution list for awareness products.Available on i OS, Android, or with any device online.view hazards online As I mentioned when we met recently at BNPB HQ Jakarta, I want to extend my appreciation to you, to your colleagues at PDC, and to USAID/OFDA for your hard work and dedication – and for your tangible results – in building capabilities and capacities for disaster risk reduction in Indonesia, especially in the area of hazard monitoring and early warning."On behalf of USDA's Foreign Agricultural Services, I would like to express my appreciation and full support of the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) for its essential contributions..data and support...we've been able to improve our global agricultural production and disaster assessment analyses, products, and decision outcomes.""From a disaster management perspective, these agencies [PDC, HOT, Peta Bencana.id] have combined their skills, have worked well together, and have created something that is really innovative, useful, and can actually improve both the disaster response by the government and citizen's participation in it as well.""JTF-Bravo sincerely appreciated the HADR decision-support information provided by the Pacific Disaster Center during Hurricane Irma response…

We offer several ways for you to receive automatic updates on press releases, disaster declarations, our latest blog posts, and information from our partners.IA includes a number of other programs, including Individuals and Households Program (IHP) and that in turn includes Housing Assistance (HA) and Other Needs Assistance (ONA).