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Note There are other, simpler, ways of setting the default entry, but they are prone to error if/when grub2-mkconfig is re-run.These include directly setting the default in /boot/grub2/or setting GRUB_DEFAULT to either a number or an entry title in /etc/default/grub. XFS and LVM Note Since recent versions of Fedora and even RHEL/Cent OS have started using xfs and lvm by default, it's worth noting that these steps outlined here may need to be preceded with the necessary step to load the XFS and/or LVM module(s). If this partition contains /boot, the output will show the full name of vmlinuz and initramfs. Armed with the location and full name of vmlinuz and initramfs you can now boot your system. Declare your root partition: It's also possible to boot into a configfile that's located on another partition.That will be done based on the output of the os-prober tool.That might however not work so well, especially not for booting other Linux operating systems, and especially not on UEFI systems. Note If GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT is set to true, then, when an entry is selected, save it as a new default entry for use by future runs of GRUB.

A bootloader is the first software program that runs when a computer starts.

It is generally safe to directly edit /boot/grub2/in Fedora.

Grubby in Fedora patches the configuration when a kernel update is performed and will try to not make any other changes than what is necessary.

It is responsible for loading and transferring control to the operating system kernel, (Linux, in the case of Fedora).

The kernel, in turn, initializes the rest of the operating system.

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