Updating norton 360 2016 to 2016

20-Jun-2020 18:54

But then, as I’ve already mentioned, the big change came with the dropping of Norton 360, the Symantec company changing it’s focus, and the release of the new Norton Security products.It was for all these reasons that I decided to re-evaluate the Internet Security options and make a personal change.And then after looking through the current reviews, took a handful of the programs that rated toward the top of lists, and individually check out their sites and “Googled” them to see what others were saying. magazines (all of which are published by Sandhills Publishing in Lincoln, NE).

But along with Kasperskys, I also noticed that Bitdifender had worked its way up many of the “top” lists, and since they had a free version, I gave it a try on one of my computers for a few months.

I’m also a fan of Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (CLICK HERE to visit their site, Hopefully, I’ve answered some of your questions about Norton 360, and maybe a few others about Internet Security in general.

It’s a decent antivirus program with a small footprint that doesn’t seem to slow my computers down. As always, I would love to hear your comments about the subject.

And as I update this article in February of 2016, PC Advisor in the UK has even put it at the top of their list (although many other sites still have them pretty low).[NOTE: One example of how Symantec seems to be moving away from directly working with consumers like you and I is the case where local vendors (who will go nameless) are “partnering” with Symantec to offer security solutions using Symantec Endpoint Protection (CLICK HERE to read about the product on Symantec.com).]To be honest with you, one problem I’ve always had with many of the Norton products is that they almost tried to do TOO MUCH!

Not only did they cover the first two points I made in the previous section about staying safe (Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Firewall), but it also performed lots of computer maintenance stuff that really had nothing to do with Internet security.

For those articles, I contacted all the major security software vendors of that time and got free samples of their programs.

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