Updating offline disk cache gmail

30-Oct-2020 20:29

Tried the advice above but there doesn't seem to be any improvement.

Also tried disabling the account, and creating a new one, and allowing it to sync, but still no joy. image you posted Dave8 is almost identical to what is happening to me. Still churning away seemingly doing nothing while I waste my months internet usage.

Something similar has happening to another account within 4.2 where my Yahoo POP account has just stopped receiving anything... This probably is a completely different issue but it seems a coincidence that both have happened within a few days of each other. I have posted about the yahoo issue today too but no-one has got back to me yet.

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Today my gmail account (which I have been using for about 4 years with os x mail) has just been spinning as though its retreiving mail for hours and hours.

Here’s a look at getting the same thing done using the Windows 10 Settings app.

Open the Settings app and go to and from there select This PC (which is typically C: and is your local drive).

Please help because I don't have unlimited internet and its already used 2.5gb to do this and its still going. Then log out and then log back into your User account on the Mac.

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Relaunch Mail and see if the spinning persists for more than 5-10mins.but one of the emails had too many photos and my computer ran out of batteries after. Sending and Receiving mail just fine and Activity window is empty.