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03-Dec-2020 04:08

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The first WM6 devices are now shipping, though their number is still very limited.Most handhelds debuting after June 2007 will ship with Windows Mobile 6.

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As such no major upgrades were planned or released, although three minor updates; 6.5.1, 6.5.3 and 6.5.5; were made to satisfy consumers during the transition period.The latest version of the Windows Mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6, was officially announced at the 3GSM World Conference in Barcelona, Spain on February 12, 2007.Both PDA and Smartphone versions of WM6 are available.6.5.1 brings larger user interface elements, 6.5.3 continues the trend of attempting to provide a more finger-friendly user interface with several new usability features such as native support for multitouch; although device maker HTC Corporation created proprietary work-arounds to allow multi-touch to work on some applications it installed on its HD2 handset (However, Microsoft applications on this handset, such as the Internet Explorer web browser, did not support multi-touch.

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The name Windows Mobile 6.5.5 has been applied to these newer builds, although this name remains unconfirmed by Microsoft. Gizmodo criticized it for being a superficial upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.1 and noted that it is "just not enough".

HP has announced that it will not update any of its current offerings with Windows Mobile 6 upgrades.