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07-Dec-2020 05:27

we see all of it as part of the ecosystem that makes fun, fun. “Some Nights” was a successful album and it would have been very easy for us to jump back in the studio and capitalize on our momentum.

but making records and touring when its “good for business” means nothing to us.

we make fun records when we are super inspired to do so.

currently nate is working on his first solo album, andrew is scoring films and jack is on tour and working on bleachers music.

At this point, Derek and I know a lot of people who attend, so it doesn't ever feel weird.

We don't socialize with the couples outside the scene since we don't have much in common with them besides sex—I guess it's the same as if you were in a hiking group and only saw that set of people on hikes.

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the 3 of us have always followed inspiration wherever it leads us.