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28-Aug-2020 13:56

Even though she is seriously ugly and looks like an abused cow-version of Trevor Phillips (from GTA V), we all can’t deny that it’s better than what she was.

I don’t know where to begin with her pre-update model. At least now she has a look that is equivalent to the male Tauren and we all can begin to forgive Blizzard and take her seriously.

She showcases a diverse range of emotions and expressions – showcasing the captivating beauty similar to Tyrande (or even Azshara) to the persistence, ferocity and intellect of Belysra (a priestess who – through the centuries – aided the Worgen and helped them realize their potential, fight off the Undead onslaught, and eventually join the Alliance).

As much as these lil’ ones stir up buried rage from past Pv P experiences, they really have come a long way.

The Gnomes are now complex, expressive and quite sassy (also found in Goblins).

There have been leaps and bounds made in terms of their improvement but they are, in essence, and annoying know-it-all type race and kicking off the top 10 is where they shall stay. One thing that did stand out was how his chin-tacles don’t seem to match the rest of his body. It seems minuscule but compared to the immense improvement of everything else, it stands out.

this vision of female Orc perfection.” So many of you are going to jump at me for this but the Tauren female has to be number one.Troll females, however, got smaller panties (to show off their new ass no doubt) and some warts.Even the example given – one of the ugliest Troll set-ups – she looks over sexualized. I have such a hard time peeling my eyes away from that weird and un-natural hump – which says a lot considering I’m talking about a cow-human hybrid of some sort.We will always nit pick and there will never be an instance where everyone falls silent and agrees, on anything. Before we get started with the updated character model countdown, there are a few universal points I have to make.

These are things that were noticed across the ‘updated model’ board and hopefully they make it to Blizzard because it needs to change.

The men look so complex, like seasoned and grizzled fighters – the women are right on par, now relevant and as equally bad-ass as their male counterparts (because they are! Dwarven females have always been the butt end of a bad joke, which was based on their lack of conventional sexiness.

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