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16-Feb-2020 04:17

This function deletes a document and all of its properties, and works with both managed and unmanaged triples.Specify the IRI of the document to be deleted as the parameter.

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I'm not sure why the committee didn't go this route. Perhaps they felt it was more consistent to have a "complete" set of computed constructors.

The base URI of a constructed element node, as well as copied descendant nodes, are taken from the static context, even if the original nodes have some other base URI.

Each declaration in the module prolog must now be followed by a semicolon.

You are not updating the existing triple; the update operation is actually an in Server-Side Java Script) and the xdmp:node-replace (Replace in Server-Side Java Script) functions are used to correct inaccurate data.

Assume the database contains a document containing the following unmanaged triple, with the resource John Doe entered as John_Doe: The following example replaces the subject with using the xdmp:node-replace function.

On the other hand, the other axes may be very inefficient in some reasonable implementations, and programmers may not understand this if the axes are standard. There are new computed constructors for processing instructions, comments, and spaces.