Your dating a loser

08-Jun-2020 16:45

Usually, I don’t notice because I don’t WANT to notice, I keep hoping the jerk will end up being a nice guy. Real men never walk in front of you unless it’s to open the door for you.

If you’re dating a man who always walks in front of you, leaving you straggling behind trying to keep up, then you ought to know that this guy will always leave you behind.

Equally as important, if he’s sweet as pie to you before you have sex, but then treats you badly right after sex, he’s a loser.

If he jumps up and leaves right afterwards or is gone before you even have time to get dressed, then he’s not worth having around.

In my opinion, that’s just a polite way of saying he’s a thief.

If you’re dating an “opportunist” then you’re definitely dating a loser.

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I had a lover get rough with me and when I said, “Hey, no I don’t like that,” he replied, “I was just being mean.” No man who respects you will ever be mean to you during sex.Any man who really cares about you will care about how you feel and what you’re thinking.If you are dating a guy who never asks why you’re upset, doesn’t seem interested in how your day was, or couldn’t give a damn if you are feeling lonely tonight, then you’re not really dating. He’s a loser and not only will he not care about your feelings, but he’ll wreck your heart if you keep him around.But if you’re strolling through the park or walking through the museum – or just having an average day – and he walks in front of you, then he’s a loser.

A man who always forgets his wallet, or who never has money because “he’s saving up” for something, is a loser and you should get rid of him.

If this or anything similar has ever come out of your man’s mouth then you’re dating a loser.

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